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Breena Freid,



Do you often worry, struggle with making decisions, or avoid difficult situations?


Are you going through a divorce or have you experienced other losses or trauma in your life?


Do you have frequent disagreements or poor communication with your spouse, partner, parent, child, or co-worker?


Do you have difficulty with motivation, responsibility, and/or self-esteem?


Are you shy, overly aggressive, or feeling lonely?


Do you sleep too much or too little?

How I Can Help

By establishing an environment of safety and comfort, I will be able to develop a relationship with you that will lead you to feeling more confident about yourself, your relationships, and your situation. Through the therapeutic process, you will be able to manage feelings of anxiety, sadness, frustration, anger, loneliness, and helplessness.

I engage with individuals, families, and couples to help them make changes in their lives based on identifying their values and overall life goals. My goal is to help you develop healthier coping tools to manage any uncomfortable or negative thoughts, feelings, and images about yourself and others.


1.847.757.7711 | | 5225 Old Orchard Rd. Suite 6 Skokie, IL 60077

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